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the district plan "

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BeitragVerfasst am: Mi März 25, 2015 5:51 am    Titel: the district plan " Antworten mit Zitat

Bibo sparkling white pond lake Yourenruzhi, clear and bright Wu Zi River pedestrian walk, blue waves ripples in the west slope riparian music bursts...... Nowadays, in many river basin of Hanjiang District, people are pleased to find, reach the water clear, trees more green, more beautiful shore.
in recent years, the area to speed up the construction of livable Metro City water system renovation process, will be incorporated into important schedule, the river, green city construction development of urban and rural planning, simultaneous implementation, pay attention to the construction of the ecological landscape water features.
this year, the district continued to focus on the water of the article, according to the first emergency, long-term management principle, from mid April start District, town, village (neighborhood) of three linkage "clean water action", vigorously implement the river regulating normal cleaning, dredging, connectivity and other special rectification,[url=http://www.nabukodonozor.hr]abercrombie soldes[/url], solve the river water environment in the presence of "dirty, smelly,[url=http://www.searchforsport.co.uk]mulberry outlet sale[/url], block" problem, let the Hanjiang River water up,[url=http://www.izmirfilmfest.com]louboutin soldes[/url], live up to.
it is understood, the district plan "clear" action invested 12310000 yuan,[url=http://www.nabukodonozor.hr]abercormbie pas cher[/url], completed before the end of the total length of 230.94 kilometers, the waters of an area of 4.24 square kilometers, removed the river clean up garbage salvage, normal cleaning work, including dredging 91.524 kilometers,[url=http://www.poelesetdesign.fr/tnmax.php]tn pas cher[/url], dredging "bayonet" reach 28 at 18.521 km. In the area of action, the key to start the renovation project of Wu Zi River four ditch mouth, palace mouth river, East twenty-five Kan segment,[url=http://www.searchforsport.co.uk]mulberry outlet[/url], Wangjiang River Han Hua Duan, promote Hagi Luxi diversion scour,[url=http://www.avevia.cz]nike air max baratas[/url], pier, river dredging Han Su Tong Tau River Forest Bingdeng bayonet segment; accelerate the integrated flood control downstream Tangtou River remediation Hagi, Luxi Baisha section and so on, build a better highlight the water characteristic is obvious, a beautiful ecological environment and livable town.
remediation activities to ensure timely and orderly implementation, working mechanism of the district established the District, town,[url=http://www.stockagegratuit.fr]louboutin pas cher[/url], village mutual coordination,[url=http://www.godf.org/rouge.php]doudoune moncler soldes[/url], coordinated assault fortified positions, and dredging remediation. The district also set up a Monday bulletin system, water and other related functional departments of the rectification progress one day a patrol, strengthen supervision assessment every two Monday times notification mechanism,[url=http://www.aspirina.cl/quee.php?new-balance-u410/]new balance u410[/url], for failure to complete the chronological progress of the town (street) CMC leadership for criticism and accountability.
up to now, the district has completed the Pistia stratiotes pesticide drying treatment of 1.15 square kilometers, the wrecker Village (neighborhood) plan has been completed 71, 53 Village (neighborhood) of 863, the completion of dredging 53.42 kilometers, East,[url=http://www.superiorins.com]woolrich outlet[/url], West, culvert culvert River Estuary has been selected for normal cleaning cleaning team,[url=http://www.bezdrev.net]woolrich outlet[/url], the remaining 6 town also is actively planning the cleaning team.
now, the region is to focus on the country's Huan Zhen Tan Wei Cun, a, Lin Xin Po Cun, Sanjiang Kou Zhen Han Xi ban East revetment, 25 Kan River 28 old city bayonet River remediation.


[url=http://www.npkj.org/E_GuestBook.asp]Xi Jinping[/url]

[url=http://www.ko-mens.tv/news/search.cgi]adopted in September 17[/url]

parking spaces cost per month from 400 yuan up to 1300 yuan, this let the Datang cell owners exclaimed "too expensive"! Yesterday, Datang small owners Mr Ho call our news hotline 95060 to reflect that soaring between small parking fee for one night, the cheapest parking, a month to 800 yuan, is unacceptable.
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